Parts Vw

Left used panel and part of rocker out of a ‘65-66 beetle that was cut from a rustfree ex California car .
No rust !
I have a left and right door for a beetle after '68 , they are from ex California car and rustfree , original paint , empty doors !
they sell as a set , but I have more beetle and beetle convertible doors available , email for info .
Convertible enginelid beetle '58 -'63 , with licenseplate light en handle , not perfect but overall good condition .
575 e
NOS '67 only beetle engine lid , ORIGINAL VW part NO repop 
150 e 


550 e
ATS cookie cutter wheels 4 x 7x15 with tires , but this are old so just rollers , and center caps .
Original VW workhouse manuals , many available , most in Dutch , email for available titles .
depending on title
Mangels wheels size 5.5 x 15 in Porsche 356 style , wheels are not that old but have some dirt and need to be cleaned , they do clean up nice as you can see in the picture .
Wheels come with as new tires size 205/50R15
400 e
1970-'71 Ghia passenger side back fender with door post , can also be used on earlier car if taillight area is changed . Came of a rustfree California car that was hit on drivers side .
 rag top cut out roof , compleet and working mecanism . 
Porsche 914 type 4 engine 1800cc 
950 e
Compleet dashboard 1303 beetle 
different models in stock , 

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