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PORSCHE 911E Coupé 1969 , original color "6809" tangerinne , one of 1014 Karmann build 911E coupe's , ( funny detail , number 356 out of 1014 produced in 1969 )


After taking MY PERSONAL Porsche 911E 1969 out of long time storage , I realise I have to test the waters , and see if someone wants to do what I had planned for years for this car . I bought this car in California years ago with the intention of bringing this exceptional car back to it's former glory .

To start with , this car had one overspray in yellow over the original tangerinne yeaaars before I got it , as far is I could ever see it was never in any accident , and it never had any rust or rustrepairs performed , the only rust that is visible now is on the right hand front fender , lower part , as seen in the pictures , apart from that the car is really hard , no rust , all gabs line up nice , never replaced a fender or a door . It has the original 6x 15 Fuchs wheels , and 2 of the center caps , I guess the 2 other were either " lost " during shipping , or the years of storagge .

The engine is out of the car , and taken apart compleet with the intention of having it rebuild , I started with the rebuild , and had the crankshaft redone , but then the machineshop went out ff business , and other projects and life took my attention . The crankshaft is still wrapped in , and is in storagge with the rest of the engine .

From what I remember it was matching numbers , car , engine and trans , as that was the first time the engine was out ff the car . When I find the time I will get the engine out of storagge and ad a picture of the engine number so for the none believers it will be clear .

The car also has a periode "bra" , and a toolkit , with some tools , as time comes I will also ad picture of the toolkit and tools .

As I only have ONE car like this , and seeing what crazy prizes others ask for rustbuckets , I'm just expecting for the interested people to shoot me a number , but please , be serious in your offers , and remember , this is a '69 911E !



ALL documents to register the car will come with the car , shipping can be arranged too !



                                                                                +32(0)3 238 19 91





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